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  • So, how does Day Dance work exactly?
    Thanks for asking :) This year everyone attending must purchase a General Admission ticket. You can either make your own way to Day Dance, or purchase an additional Transport ticket to be picked up from and returned to a participating pub (The Highway, The Havelock, The Marion, The Moseley or The Feathers). The festival starts at 10am. At 11am the gates between the wineries will open and you will be able to walk between the two at your own leisure (please note venue capacity restrictions apply). Enjoy, be kind to each other and yourself!
  • I bought a General Admission ticket (and I don't have a Transport ticket). Where do I enter?
    You will make your own way to and from Day Dance and get your ticket scanned at Simon Hackett Winery. Gates open at 10am, but you can arrive any time throughout the day. At 11am, the gates between the wineries will open and you can roam between the two at your leisure (note venue capacity restrictions apply).
  • I bought a Transport ticket. What time do buses leave in the morning?
    The first bus will be leaving from each pub at 8.45am. The last bus will be leaving from each pub at 9.30am. It is HIGHLY recommended to arrive at your participating pub no later than 9am to allow time for tickets to be scanned, and wristbands to be distributed.
  • I have a General Admission and a Transport ticket. Can I skip the morning bus?
    This year, you can! Simply, arrive at Simon Hackett, present your General Admission ticket and Transport ticket and we'll give you both of your wristbands. At the end of the festival, find your correct pub bus and sail off into the sunset.
  • I bought a Transport ticket leaving from The Havelock. Can I change to leave from a different venue?
    No. The departure locations are very strictly non-transferable.
  • So, what can I bring?
    - Empty water bottles - Sunscreen (under 150ml) - Medication (labelled, in blister pack and with prescription if required) - Cigarettes and vapes - Plastic wine tumbler (We also have these for sale at the bar for $5) - A poncho - A picnic rug
  • What can't I bring?
    Bags will be searched upon entry and any of the following will be confiscated. - Alcohol - Illicit substances - Food - Dangerous or inappropriate items (weapons, fireworks, etc) - Bags over A4 size. - Glass or aluminium containers - Liquids and aerosols - Seating or tables - Tents - Umbrellas
  • What will I be drinking at Day Dance?
    We're working on this, back to you soon!
  • What will I be eating at Day Dance?
    We're working on this, back to you soon!
  • Are dietaries catered for?
    Yes, both wineries cater for vegans, vegetarians, gluten intolerances, and lactose intolerances.
  • Is Day Dance cashless?
    Yes. Please bring your credit card or pay-wave card.
  • Is there car parking?
    Yes. Our lovely neighbours at Tipi Lane are providing free car and mini-bus parking. This has clear signage. You can't miss it!
  • How much undercover space and seating do you have?
    We pride ourselves on having a lot of wet weather protection. There will be enough undercover and indoor areas for 75% of all ticket holders at both wineries. There is also enough seats for 75% of ticket holders. However, the dance floor at both wineries is open-air, so bringing a poncho is recommended if rain is predicted.
  • Do buses make any stops on the way, or way back?
    No! They are all direct routes. Be sure to use the bathroom before boarding your bus.
  • What bus do I get on at the end of the day?
    If you arrived to Day Dance on a Highway Hotel bus, then you must jump on a Highway Hotel bus at the end of the day. The buses are clearly labelled. Your bus will remain at which ever winery you got dropped at in the morning. For example, The Highway Hotel buses are dropping people at Paxton Winery in the morning. At the end of the day, they will all be parked at Paxton Winery.
  • I've hired my own private bus to Day Dance. What do I need to know?
    Everyone on your bus should have General Admission tickets. These are scanned at Simon Hackett Winery. There is parking available for your bus across the road from Simon Hackett winery at Tipi Lane. This is clearly signed, and your driver can't miss it. Simple!
  • Are there pass-outs?
    No. If you leave the festival, you can't re-enter.
  • Is Day Dance 18+?
  • Is there a cloakroom?
    I'm afraid not.
  • Do you have ponchos for sale?
    I'm afraid not! If the weather is looking like it may rain, please bring one (or more!)
  • So, I can't find my ticket...
    E-mail Clearly state which ticket type you purchased, and from what e-mail account. They will re-send it to you.
  • What is the refunds policy?
    All sales are final. Refunds are only offered if the event is cancelled or postponed.
  • What happens if I can't go anymore?
    As mentioned, there are no refunds. You can, however, sell or pass along your ticket without any name change required. We do not recommend purchasing a ticket off someone you do not know personally.
  • What is the wet weather policy?
    We play rain, hail, or shine. Please dress accordingly!
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