It's simple - but fun!


Live music at your first winery. DJ's and dancing at your second.


  • Jump on a bus with all your friends between 9am and 9.45am.

  • You can not skip the morning bus. All tour tickets are redeemed at the bus departure point.

  • Your bus will travel directly to your first winery. A smooth 40 minute drive up the new extended Southern Expressway.

10:10am to 1:30pm

  • Arrive at your first winery with your group just after 10am.


  • Find a table together - or perhaps a picnic spot in front of the stage.


  • You'll be treated to 3 live sets of music from super talented local and interstate artists.

  • Grab some food from the multiple food trucks and enjoy a drink in the surrounds of the world famous McLaren Vale vines.

1:30pm to 2pm

  • It's time to head to your second winery!


  • If you've chosen Tour 1 or Tour 2, it will be an easy 5 minute walk between Paxton and Simon Hackett.

  • If you've chosen Tour 3 or Tour 4, you'll jump on any of the private buses and take the 8 minute journey between Coriole and Woodstock.

2pm to 5pm

  • It's time to dance!


  • At your second winery, there will be 3 hours of DJ's and a whole heap of dancing.


  • After putting in 3 hours of hard work on the dance floor, you will jump on any of the private buses, and travel back down the Southern Expressway and into the night.